Visa Applications & Goodbyes

The last two weeks have been a total and utter whirlwind of chaos and mixed emotions. Many of my friends, including my boyfriend, have already gone off to college leaving my inboxes filled with photos of their beautifully decorated dorms and orientation stories and, of course, a bit of a heavy heart. I don’t want to brag, but I feel like I’ve handled this transition a bit better than I had expected.At the beginning of last week I went out and bought a large box of extra soft tissues and a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I totally assumed that there would not be anything left of either of the purchases by the end of this week. However, here we are. It is Saturday afternoon and I am still alive. Some of the ice cream is still in the freezer. The tissues haven’t all been used. The world has kept moving around my occasional weeping. Hooray for that.

That being said, it most certainly has not been the easiest of weeks for me. To be honest, it was really difficult to get past knowing my boyfriend and friends were leaving. Trading care packages, while exciting and lovely, was a stark reminder that we wouldn’t be physically with the other person for months. It made hanging out with them on the last couple of occasions not as enjoyable as they should have been for me. I dreaded them leaving for weeks, and frankly, I dreaded my boyfriend leaving for at least months. I had this image in my head of him and his family driving off with the car packed to the brim, leaving me to drive home and cry. On the bright side, it did not happen like that, and while watching him leave was genuinely painful and especially hard, I felt better later on in the day just knowing that I didn’t have to dread that moment of departure anymore. Now I get to look forward to seeing him in December. I get to look forward to the list of dates we just weren’t able to complete before August rolled around. We get to look forward to the presumably glorious moment at the arrivals gate at our local airport. I can picture it now. (Insert dramatic sigh here.)


On a more upbeat note I finally had my visa application approved and I received my returned passport in the mail! I can now officially enter the United Kingdom in order to begin my course of study at my university in September. I had also previously compiled a list of activities and things that need to be completed before I leave. This was supposed to help keep me busy rather than focusing on all the fun that my friends would be having without me on their new campuses. All in all I have plenty of people to see and things to accomplish before I fly out in a couple of weeks. I’m afraid there isn’t too much time for moping or the excessive consumption of delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream either.

I am genuinely excited for each and everyone of my friends. I am especially excited for all of the people they are going to meet because I know that a whole bunch of unsuspecting incoming college freshman are about to have the pleasure of getting to know some of the greatest, funniest, and most caring people I have ever known.




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  1. Bittersweet. I wish for you a productive couple of weeks as you prepare for an extraordinary chapter of your young life. Wishing you sll the best, Taylor.


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