The Reading List 

As the final weeks of my high school career are upon me I’ve found it both more difficult and increasingly easy to set aside time to devote myself to British literature. Over the course of my four years in the IB (International Baccaleureate) program often times it has been very trying to find time to myself to read what interests me. By this point in the year, directly before a brutal onslaught of exams and after the majority of my coursework has been completed, I can afford a couple of minutes or even an hour or two to read each day. This is, as one might say, the calm before the storm.

Within the next ten to fourteen days my schedule will become completely devoted to exams, most of which won’t affect me in the least since I can’t use my earned college credits overseas. Either way I have chosen to fill this calm before the storm with slow and peaceful preparations at my own leisure. One such thing I have come to dedicate myself to is a reading list of compiled works that I intend to have finished before I leave for England. Thanks to four years of rigorous English curriculum I have already been exposed to a good number of distinguished British authors such as Virginia Woolf (an alumna from my future college), Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, and Agatha Christie.

To my own list I have added the names of G. K Chesterton (the author of the Father Brown mysteries) and Arthur Conan Doyle. Thankfully I have already finished one Sherlock Holmes book as well as a short story from Chesteron, however, the end is hardly in sight. While things are going to become crazy before I will know it, if anyone has suggestions for British books, authors, or anything having to do with London or the surrounding area, please let me know! The funny thing is that before I started going through my list I don’t think I realized exactly how excited I was. The excitement that I first experienced had more to do with the initial sense of accomplishment that came with my acceptance letter and the idea that I would be moving somewhere brimming with history and new adventures. Now that I’ve read some more on England and London itself there is a whole new type of excitement that has flooded over me. I don’t quite know who in their right mind told me that this was a good idea in its early stages, but I am already so pleased with the leap of faith that I have taken. Things are looking up, I only have to make it though three weeks of intensive exams and graduation for the real fun to begin.

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