Sweater Deliveries

AKA Unrivaled Joy

In an, what I’m sure is vain, attempt to prepare myself for some of the changes to come, I have begun a search for warm sweaters. I have also been constantly watching London weather to give myself some idea of what I have gotten myself into. Needless to say, it seems to be incredibly different from Florida; there is lots a rain, fog, and it always appears to be between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Given what I learned, I have begun to search for old (and warm) sweaters through multiple outlets. The thrift store search hasn’t fruitfully panned out yet, but Etsy, a handmade and vintage sort of amazon, marvelously came through for me.  Let it be known that there are few things in this life that make me truly and undeniable excitable (here’s a few samples: the new issue of Archaeology magazine in the mail, museums, tea, a select number movies or books, my boyfriend, our dog… it is not a long list). Today I reached sheer jumping-up-and-down excitement when I opened my front door ready to leave the house to grab some tea at my favorite coffee shop in Riverside. There lying at my feet, almost begging me to trip over it, was a package addressed to me that could only contain the sweater that I ordered a mere two days ago. Yes, I realize this doesn’t seem like grounds for such unbridled joy, but I’ve come to realize there are few things I can really do to prepare for London at this juncture.

After contacting the head of admissions for the Classics department at King’s it has come to my attention that I cannot even submit an application for a visa until June. The government won’t consider any visa applications for students prior to three months before their classes begin.

I also can’t go about routine dorm room shopping because I won’t be able to cart all of it with me to England in early September. Surely there’s nothing I can do to adjust to the time difference in advance or practice having a long-distance relationship as both of those options sound simply miserable.  About the only things I can do right now are read as much as I can get my hands on about the city, culture, and its history, hoard some sweaters, and enjoy the things I won’t have access to in five months (read: peanut butter).Voting in the Florida primaries would also make the list since in next election I will be voting absentee and I won’t be in the states to see all of the excitement of either the election of the subsequent inauguration. I’ve also begun the student housing search, so I suppose that it’s one more thing I have some control over.

At the very least, I can try to mentally prepare myself for the leap I am about to take. I feel as though I have to do something because I am about to be completely in over my head.


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