It’s Official

It’s official! The decision has been made, and the final departure from home is set for early September. Never in a million years did I expect to receive an acceptance letter, but I suspected even less than that I would feel compelled to take the offer. Of course I can’t ignore the fact that I am a very lucky young woman that I have the abilities to do this meaning that I am in good health and have a very supportive family and boyfriend behind me. With those things taken into account, it would be absurd to let an opportunity like this slip through my fingertips forever. However, the decision wasn’t as black and white as it may have appeared to others. I had already received offers from other colleges with scholarships. At one university I had already found and begun a correspondence with a potential roommate with whom I found a great friendship. That being said, it took me a while to finally fully commit mentally to the idea of moving 4,266 miles away from home where I would know no one, especially after I had already mentally adjusted to the idea of moving only a couple of hours away by car. As the week after I received the letter passed, I managed to keep myself fairly well-distracted with plenty of school due dates and the compilation of a great many pros and cons lists with both of the potential schools listed.  However, after receiving word from the other college on Friday, I made up my mind. England it was.

The fact of the matter is that even if I despise my classmates and the professors, something that I greatly hope I will not experience, I couldn’t possibly imagine myself regretting spending a year of my life living in Europe, and in one of its greatest cities at that. I have a lot ahead of myself in the coming weeks starting with housing and visa applications. After all, I have to gain entry into the country first or I very well can’t take classes there. Even with all the daunting tasks ahead of me, including taking my final AP and IB exams, there’s most certainly a glimmer of hope and a light radiating at the end of the tunnel, and in the spirit of The Smiths I am quite hoping that it is a light that never goes out.



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  1. I love that you are blogging about your adventure, Taylor! I am a fan of all things British (Downton Abbey fanatic here!) and have next door neighbors from York. I will enjoy hearing about your London experience and look forward to following you. Good luck!


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