The Start of It All

Never in a million years did I think I would ever find myself in a situation like this. Sure, I filled out the application, and yes, I met all the entry requirements. However, after being rejected from one college and deferred from two more, my hopes were far from high. 

I initially only filled out the application as a sort of wish-fulfillment. After taking an interest in going abroad for university sophomore year, I knew that if during my senior year I didn’t at least take the time to apply I might regret it forever. I submitted an application to the college in London in November, and once I didn’t hear back from them for a matter of months I falsely assumed that the application had been lost and that I should go on about my college search. Once I forgot about it, I did everything to finalize the college search except put down a deposit.

One Tuesday afternoon I made plans to grab coffee after school with an old friend. While we discussed our college rejections and how we had (and were still) coping with them I absentmindedly opened my email to clear away any junk mail. There it was. The email that would change my life forever. Not twelve hours before I had been reveling in the fact that everything had been sorted out; I had a plan. With this email that plan flew out the window and everything was turned upside down. I imagine things will stay upside down for the next couple of weeks, but in the mean time I can start looking for cute wellies and read up on British history and all the great legends of London.


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  1. British history is always excited ^^ hope you will love it ^^

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